Test your line

You can test your fixed lines for faults yourself using the tool here

You cannot log a fault for your Broadband here, please call our broadband faults team at 0344 880 0444

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Checking for Faulty Equipment Instructions

If you have more than one telephone on the line (or additional apparatus such as a credit card machine), unplug everything and attach a corded telephone that you know is working to the main socket on its own. If you have broadband or a digital TV service on the line, be sure to unplug this and any adapters and micro filters too. Then check to see if your problem persists.

Only your main socket is maintained by Onebill. Often there will be additional wires connected to the main socket which serve extension sockets or alarm equipment which need to be ruled out as the cause of the problem. To identify your main socket, check for a “BT” or “Openreach” logo. It should also have a horizontal separation in the front panel (see image below) remove the two screws and the lower section can be pulled away easily to reveal a test point on the inside. Connect a corded telephone that you know is working. If the problem persists then you should proceed to report the fault.

If the line works when using the test point the problem lies beyond the main socket in your own equipment or wiring.

Phone Socket